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Ene 8, 2020
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Our History
Xiamen Sunlink Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2009, our factory located in Xiamen city, China. We have been focusing our business on solar water gardening products from the beginning. In the past 10 years Sunlink have developed our innovative solar water gardening ranges and become the most professional and reliable manufacturer in this field. Thanks to the continuous efforts of Sunlink team and our distributor partners, our solar fountain/ solar pump ranges become more and more popular in markets.
What progress we have achieved in past years
●  In year of 2009, Xiamen Sunlink Technology Co., Ltd was established, then in the same year, we developed the initial version of solar pump designs that directly powered by solar, with no backup battery.
●  In year of 2010, it was a fruitful year many models which come with backup battery, Preprogrammed Timer Functions, and Remote-Control designs was completed.
●  In year of 2011, New smart solar/ battery solar pump design was launched. With this advanced solar/ battery technology, the pump to directly run by solar energy when the sunlight is good; the pump to run by backup battery power when the sun is not shining.
●  In year of 2012, our Hybrid Solar Models launched. The application of high-volume solar pumps used to be subject to backup battery capacity and large solar panels. Expensive initial costs and later battery maintenance problem blocked new products development and marketing in this field. But thanks to the newest Hybrid Solar technology, it’s feasible to launch our new Hybrid Solar Pumps, this design is no longer subject to any battery problem, the pump keeps stable performance 24h/7days in all weather conditions. The hybrid solar models combine an AC/DC adaptor into complete product design, the hybrid system will detect solar power output at very moment, and decide if need and need how much electric power to keep pump working consistently when sun is not shining or at night. This design is very suitable for particular applications in which consistent pumping is a MUST. This hybrid solar pump helps reducing daily operating cost and most importantly ensure a high stable performance of water pumping unit.
●  In year of 2013, we developed the remote/ battery/ solar fountain pump kit. This Battery fountain pump kit was designed to run with high capacity lithium battery, which will be able to run 7 days after battery charged (based on 2 hours timer each day). It can be used in the home with a provided battery charger, or use it outdoor with a separate 5 watts solar panel to charge the battery. A handy remote control is provided to turn on/ off your fountain conveniently. You can set your fountain to run 2 hours or 3 hours or 4 hours each time when you open it, or let it run constantly without timer.
●  In year of 2014, a new range of indoor table top fountain will be made and introduced to our customers soon…
●  In year of 2016, after many years solar technology accumulation we launched our Solar on demand (SOD) pump range. This new range comes with multifunctional battery control panel to make the solar battery system more customer friendly, durable for many years use. Also, we created sunlink’s high-end quality solar pond oxygenators.
●  In year of 2017, we created a new range of tiered rock fountains…… which will also be supplied with AC100-240V mains power solution for customers.
●  In year of 2018, more than 15 solar garden fountains launched.
●  In year of 2018.11, We registered a new sister company “Xiamen Sunlink Trading Co., Ltd” who will manage all export orders, the original company “Xiamen Sunlink Technology Co., Ltd” will only handle domestic orders in China.
Our Product
Solar powered polyresin fountains
Solar powered terracotta/ceramic fountains
Solar powered pond fountains
Solar powered fountain pumps
Solar powered garden pond pumps
Solar power pond air pumps
Hybrid solar feature / pond pumps
Solar powered pond lights
Our Certificate
CE, ROHS, FCC, Prop65, IEC62133, UN38.3
Production Market
US, UK, Germany, AustraliaStainless Steel Water Features



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